Fuse HVAC & Appliance Repair Carlsbad, California

Air Conditioner Capacitor Repair in Carlsbad, California

Our qualified technicians performed an air conditioner capacitor repair in Carlsbad, California. The customer called in saying that their 14-year-old AC unit stopped running altogether one night. It's been struggling to blow cold air throughout our townhouse for quite some time — it will run continuously for 2 hours while only bringing the room temp down from 80 to 78. The customer wished to fix the AC as soon as possible before the next heat wave hits.

Fuse specialists checked the unit and discovered that the old run capacitor failed and needed to be replaced. Also, the refrigerant level in the system was too low and did not cool the place properly. Our techs added two pounds of refrigerant. After that the AC started to work properly.